Fundraising 2016-2017

September 2, 2016

Dear Queen of Peace School Families,

The 2016-2017 school year at Queen of Peace promises to be a wonderful experience for all our students and families. The fundraising committee is ready to hit the ground running and we are counting on all of you to meet our financial goals. We most look forward to building a school community spirit that exceeds all your expectations.

In order to offer our low tuition and still maintain the quality and success of our school, we depend upon your commitment and participation in our fundraising events and volunteer hours. Each family agreed at the time of registration to contribute for Grades K-6: $850 (per family) and 40 hours of volunteer work and for Preschool: $250-$850 (per family) and 15-40 hours of volunteer work. In addition, we have an overall fundraising obligation to the parish that provides a large subsidy to help with the school budget.

Although it takes time and effort on your part, it is amazingly easy and fun to reach our fundraising goals. As a reminder, these events are not only vital to the continued success of our school, but they are also a great way to get to know the other families in the school. Many lifelong friendships have started while assembling pasties or on the trails while participating in the Minnesota Marathon.

Some of the fundraisers provide an opportunity to earn financial credit, while others count as volunteer hours. Many of the major fundraisers give you the chance to receive credit in both categories. It is important to note that you need to report any volunteer hours or financial contributions in order to receive credit. Please see the event chair or the school office to report these. Also, if you choose to not participate in fundraising (but I know you will want to!), after May 1st, your family will still be responsible to pay the remainder of your fundraising balance.

Our fundraising events are really “in lieu of” needing to charge a higher amount for tuition.

On the following pages you will find a calendar of fundraising events, a brief description of each event, how you can earn credit towards your goal and the name of the chairperson(s) for each event.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me Karin Sabyan, our Fundraising Representative, or the Chairperson of the Fundraising Event. Special thanks to Karin, our Chairpersons and all of you who help make these events successful and an enriching experience for all our families. I look forward to working with you and enjoying the spirit of community surrounding each of these events. As always, we seek the intercession of Our Lady, Queen of Peace.


Bill Van Loh, Principal

Karin Sabyan, Fundraising Representative
(651) 334-4729 (cell) or 879-6962 (home)

Event: Marathon  Date: 10-1-2016  Event Chair: Shari Gentilini


This event is held under the auspices of the Minnesota Marathon for Nonpublic Education. All money raised from this event stays with our school. The Parish Knights of Columbus help by providing supervision, snacks, and beverages. The event takes place at the Pine Valley Recreation area and the Northwoods Credit Union Arena. There is an indoor option which works well for walking, jogging and strollers. If the weather is agreeable, there are beautiful outdoor hiking trails, as well. Stick around to the end for a few prize giveaways! It is a great entire family event!

Each student is asked to collect donations for their participation. Donation forms will be provided. Each family will receive fundraising credit for 100% of the money they turn in to the school. Complete details will be provided with the donation sheets. This is an easy way to get a head start on your fundraising goals! It’s great for those relatives that live far away, or those that don’t really want to buy ‘stuff’! All students and their families are welcome to attend the MN Marathon event, regardless if they have raised funds or not.

Event: Wreath Sales  Date: 10-10 to 10-28-2016  Event Chair: Catherine Loeb

Delivery: 11-18-2016


The sale of Christmas Wreaths is one of our biggest fundraisers of the year. During the month of October we take orders for a variety of wreaths from friends, families and businesses. The products will be delivered to the school on Friday, November 18th. This fundraiser provides an opportunity to work on both the financial and volunteer goals.

Families will be credited with the profit for all of the wreath orders under their name (exact amounts will be provided with the order forms). We also need many volunteers on delivery day to unload the trucks, attach ribbons, sort orders and make local deliveries. It’s great to get into the Christmas spirit with our school families! And it smells oh, so good!

Event: Home for the Holidays Dinner  Date: 12-2-2016  Event Chair: Brooke Lee


This dinner is held in conjunction with the Cloquet Home for the Holidays Family Celebration in the Parish Hall. This festive event includes; photos with Santa, Santa’s Workshop (student’s art projects for sale), crafts and caroling by the QOP students!  Tickets are sold at the door. Proceeds after expenses go toward meeting our overall fundraising goals.

A number of volunteers are needed in order to make this a success. Your time will go toward your volunteer hours goal.

Event: Catholic Schools Raffle  Date: 1-17 to 2-17-2017  Event Chair: TBD


The Catholic Schools Raffle is sponsored by Catholic United Financial, formerly known as Catholic Aid. Catholic United supplies all of the tickets and promotional materials, as well as obtaining the license from the MN Gaming Commission. Thus, our school keeps all the funds from all tickets sold.

Each ticket is $5.00 and purchasers must be at least 18 years old. There are many prizes, with a very BIG Grand Prize! Purchasers need to provide their contact information to be notified in case their ticket is drawn.

All tickets are individually numbered and tracked. All completed ticket stubs and all unsold tickets must be returned to school and shipped to Catholic United. They pay the shipping charges. A public drawing will be held at Catholic United Financial’s home office in SWt. Paul, in March.

Event: Mardi Gras  Date: 2-25-2017  Event Chairs: Norlene and John Bleskacek


Mardi Gras has become our most successful fundraiser. This is a 21+ event with DJ music, dancing, appetizers, beverages, raffles galore, prizes, as well as silent and live auctions. Not only is this event important to our fundraising, but it provides a variety of opportunities for families to work on both their financial and volunteer goals.

Any time spent planning or working on the event counts as volunteer hours. We will be decorating and setting up beginning at 8:00 AM on Friday. There will also be some things to accomplish at the school on Saturday and we can always use help with clean up and break down.

Financial credit can be earned in a variety of ways.

  1. You will receive full credit for any admission tickets you purchase or sell prior to the day of the event.
  2. Each family is asked to contribute 3 baskets for the basket sale. You will be credited for $5, $10 or $15 depending on the value for each basket.
  3. Items for the Silent/Live Auction. We need interesting, quality items to include in our auctions. You will receive credit for the amount of the sale. Please coordinate your solicitation with the committee. Do not contact a business without letting us know!
  4. The food committee may be asking for donations. Notices from the food committee will be sent home via newsletter and on the website,
  5. We are in need of large raffle items. If you have ideas or know of a donor, please contact Norlene, John or Principal Van Loh. You will receive credit for the profit your item generates.

Event: Pasties  Date: TBD  Event Chairs: Janet Bader, Gina Huls, Shari Gentilini, Kim Franckowiak


Our annual pasty sale is a very successful, fun and labor intensive event. We hand make over 3000 pasties between Thursday and Saturday and sell them to the community. Most of them are pre-sold. Because of the amount of labor this event requires, we have established a separate credit model. The one way to earn fundraising credit during pasty weekend is to volunteer your time. For every hour volunteered by your family you will receive $10.00 of fundraising credit. Example: 3 family members volunteer for 3 hours each. 9 hours volunteered=$90.00 credit.

Of course there will be credit for the pasty orders taken.

Event: Kettle River Pizzas  Date: TBD  Event Chair: Jeff and Megan Kalm


This will be our 4th annual Kettle River Pizza fundraiser! There will be a short selling period, then a delivery date. The pizzas arrive frozen, so they do need to be picked up by the selling family in a timely manner. They are delicious frozen pizzas from a generous local company! Families will receive a set dollar amount per pizza toward their fundraising goal. Example: pizza sold for $10 our cost $6 = $4 goes to the family fundraising credit.

This fund raiser will be your last opportunity to meet your required fundraising amount. All remaining amount will need to be paid by you.

Event: Scrip  Date: Year-round  Event Chair: Gwen Genereau & Associates


Scrip is a national program that allows us to purchase gift cards to local and national retailers. With the purchase of this SCRIP, our school gets a predetermined percentage of its value. So, if you are shopping at places such as Wal-Mart, B & B Market, L & M, Barnes and Noble, (or MANY MORE!), or eating at Pedro’s, Carmen’s, Applebee’s, Perkins or Chipotle to name a few. Pick up some SCRIP before you go!

Sales are available at the school office during regular office hours and on Saturday evening and Sunday mornings following the parish Mass.

A Final Note:

If you contribute anything to any of the fundraising events, please give notice of that to the fundraising chair. We cannot give you credit if we are unaware of your assistance.

We also encourage you to look through your registration packets for other ways to assist the school such as Box Tops for Education, Coke Rewards, Target Red Card purchases, Campbell’s Labels, Milk Moola from Kwik Trip, and Glossy Paper Collections. You can also help by serving on a committee, in the library, with the reading programs and with classroom activities.

Please remember all our fundraising success is completely based on dedicated parents and volunteers. Although each event is an opportunity to assist you in meeting your fundraising goal and volunteer hours, it is also a wonderful, fun way to get to know the families at the school.