About Queen of Peace School

aboutQueen of Peace School is a preschool through sixth grade Catholic elementary school serving Cloquet, Minnesota and surrounding communities.

Queen of Peace School is committed to deepening faith in Jesus Christ and providing a holistic learning approach to faith development and elementary education within a Catholic environment. A quality education is one of the most important gifts a child can receive. It is where their gifts are nurtured; their character is shaped; and their lives are transformed. Our small class size, rigorous curriculum and strong moral guidance provide the individual attention a child needs to achieve personal success.

At Queen of Peace School you will find a caring community that celebrates the individuality of each child, helps them to discover who they are and inspires them to realize who they can become. Queen of Peace School invites our students to dream. Without dreams there is no creativity and no inventiveness. Without dreams there is no adventure and no discovery. Without dreams there is no hope and no faith. Our prayer is that our children are guided on the roads they travel not by fears, but by dreams and faith. There is no better place to determine, refine and realize dreams than at Queen of Peace Catholic School.